History and Mission

Established in 1998 as The EyeCare Foundation, we focused on eye cancer and became The Eye Cancer Foundation. We are an educational and supportive resource for eye cancer patients, their families, and physicians. Our mission is two-fold: one part focused on multi-centered research of new diagnostic treatments for eye cancer research, the other focused on providing much needed patient support services.

Our mission is to create a world-class center of excellence for patients and their families diagnosed with ocular tumors, macular degeneration, and related ophthalmic conditions.

We want to help you, your children and families around the world.

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Specific Goals

  • Fund and direct research to find cures for patients with ocular tumors, radiation macular degeneration and related eye diseases.
  • Provide the most up-to-date treatment information available to patients and their families, physicians, and other health-care providers.
  • To coordinate national and international prospective-randomized clinical trials to evaluate new methods of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Establish family and patient support programs to ease emotional stress and real-life adjustment issues related to the severe forms of these conditions.
  • To empower patients to find the resources to improve their lives.