Benign Eyelid Tumors - Hydrocystoma


Written by Paul T. Finger, MD

Hydro = fluid

Cystoma = Cystic thickening

An intradermal epithelial-lined serous cyst.

An intradermal epithelial-lined serous cyst.


Hydrocystomas occur on the eyelids. They typically are the same color as eyelid skin, rounded and soft to the touch. They are slow growing and do not cause loss of eyelashes. 


Hydrocystoma is a benign tumor that can be photographed and followed for evidence of growth. High-frequency ultrasound will demonstrate that the tumor is filled with fluid and confirm the diagnosis. 


Excision or biopsy is typically performed if growth is documented, basal cell or other eyelid cancer is suspected and for cosmetic reasons. During removal try and keep the tumor intact. Removing all the ectopic epithelium will help keep it from recurring.

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