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Treatment types
Enucleation Surgery - Removal of the Eye
Ocular Prostheses Can Offer an Excellent Cosmetic Result
Eye and Vision Sparing Radiation Therapy for Intraocular Tumors
Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Therapy for Radiation Retinopathy
Radiation Retinopathy Prevention and Suppression
Proton Beam Versus Plaque
Proton Beam Radiotherapy
Systemic Chemotherapy
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Thousands of people are diagnosed with eye cancer every year—we share their stories, their struggles, and their victories.

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"That's OK, I still have my eye—many people don't. Having support was the biggest key to getting through these last five months."
Patient message board archive
An online support community with more than 13,000 messages from hundreds of patients and their families.
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Categorized books and websites with useful information for eye cancer patients and health care professionals who care for them.
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